Just a few words on the equipment used...

I somehow dislike modern cameras, I love the feeling of the sturdy old metal cases.

I use a Pentax ME... it's a fine little camera, very robust and rather small for such an old camera. It has a time automatic but nothing is automatic beside that ^_^. I have a small collection of different lenses, most of them bought used. My favorite one is the 35mm Takumar. It's a screwmount so I have to use an adapter which is the only drawback of it.
I own the following lenses:
Pentax 50mm/2.8
Pentax 135mm
Petri 28mm/28
Takumar 35mm
Vivitar 50mm macro
Zenitar 16mm fisheye
I also own 2 rather cheap zoom lenses which I rarly use because I somehow don't like them.

Other cameras I own are a Pentax MX, a AGFA Isolette, a Dacora Dignette (because it was made in the town I live), a lomo action sampler, some old point&shoots ... and a digital point&shoot, a little first generation optio S... it is really tiny and I use it as carry-always-arount-camera for snapshots and for taking pictures from horseback...

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