I like "playing" with Lego toys... I rediscovered through a friend who introduced me to Lego Mindstorms. There's not much here, because I don't have time for Lego at the moment....


I like listening to the stories of "The tree investigators" (Die drei Fragezeichen). And I always wanted to build a story out of Lego. I talked to a friend about this and she liked the idea. So we started building the story "Die drei Fragezeichen und der sprechende Totenkopf" out of Lego. Unfortunatly there's only the first scene so far...

This is one of the sculpture models of Lego...
It's a lego model of a lego minifig. Here are some pictures from building it.
Lego model #3723

This is really my favorite model, it's a cute dragon... pictures from building it...
Lego model #3724

So far I was too times in Legoland Germany. In 2003 I was with a friend and her little niece and in 2004 I was with a friend who is absolute crazy for Legos. It was great both times but a different experince.

But here are the pictures:

Legoland Günzburg August 2003
Legoland Günzburg June 2004


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