For several years I wanted to travel to Japan. My fascination with Japan started with the music band X Japan. Later I went to a Japanese language class. The teacher was a Japanese and she told us a lot of stories from Japan. So I got very curious and wanted to see the country for myself.

In 2004 I finally had the chance to travel to Tokyo for 2 weeks togther with a friend and her father. I was very excited because I had so much expectations, but it really was great. The start was somewhat difficult because when we arrived at the airport we learned that our flight was canceled and so wie started one day later. But when wie finally arrived it was a little bit like coming home.

In 2005 I travelled to Japan again. This time more or less alone. A friend of mine was staying in Japan for a year at that time and I visited her. But since she had to work during that time I made sightseeing during the day alone and had a lot to tell to her in the evenings ^_-

Here are the pictures:

Japan 2004

Japan 2005

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