Japan 2004


This year a dream of mine come true: I was able to make a holiday trip to Japan. I wanted to do this for several years, but it never worked out until now.
I went to Japan with a friend of mine and her father. We stayed about 2 1/2 weeks, we stayed in Tachikawa, which is about an hour by subway from Tokyo station (with the Chuo Line). We also spent 4 days in Kyoto. There we stayed in an "Ryokan", which is a traditional Japanese Guesthouse. We had a room with Tatami matts and Futons to sleep. There was a bathroom with an already filled bathtube. (Japanese people reuse the water, you first wash yourself completly, then you take your bath, it's not for cleaning but for relaxing). We even had a Japanese breakfast, which is rather "strange" for non-Japanese people: You get Miso Soup (with tofu or shells), rice, fish, see grass salat, salat, Tofu and more. Everyone of us had about 10 small bowls and plates in front of him.
Well it was really wonderful. The temples and shrines we visited were very beautiful and fascinating. Everybody we met was very friendly. We had great weather and we saw a lot.
Well, enough talking...

Asakusa (Tokyo)
Daigoji Temple (Kyoto)
Golden Temple (Kyoto)
Harajuku (Tokyo)
Imperial palace (Tokyo)
Jindai Botanical Garden (Tokyo)
Impressions from Kyoto
Meiji Shrine (Tokyo)
Todaiji temple and Nara
Impressions from Osaka
Ryoanji temple (Kyoto)
Shinjuku (Tokyo)
Impressions from Tachikawa
Impressions from Tokyo
hide museum (Yokosuka)

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