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December, 24th 2003

We want to wish everybody a wonderful and happy Xmas ^_-
Katrin & Chris

Finally the last day of the advent calender arrived... I had planed to have typed the rest of the interview, but I didn't have the time for it... but it will come definitly soon...
So, since the last surprise of the advent calender is one the will stay, I announce it here...
Since today features a chatroom... ^_^

goto the Chat

It's not entirely ready yet, there will be a loginpage and a matching design, but I think it's a start...
So have fun and start chatting ^_^
bye Katrin

December, 21st 2003

Yoshiki is on the cover of the November edition of Fool's mate. thanks to Fabien

December, 1st 2003

Hello everybody!
Well, a "little" update... I love advent calendars so I made one for this page ^_^ A little surprise each day
You find it by clicking on the christmas tree

Have fun!

November, 16th 2003

There's a feature about DAHLIA at JapanToday. She is produced by Yoshiki.

If you are interested in the details of the studio of Extasy Records you'll find a description here.

Also there are the sad new that the Violet UK DVD is delayed again.

November, 3rd 2003

Due to work I didn't have much time recently, but I hope to have more time now. Thanks to all who wrote me, I just started to go through my mail.
For an update, thanks to Raynor(?) there are now the lyrics of Scars.

October, 31st 2003

Finally there is another new release by Yoshiki:
YOSHIKI Classic Eternal Melody II, it includes "Anniversary" written for the 10th anniversay of an Emperor's reign, "I'll be Your Love" (offical song to Expo 2005 Aichi Japan), a full-orchestral version of "Seize the Light" (Globe song), "Seventh featuring Voilet UK" inspired by September the 11th, and more.
More here

Also, there's a new release date for Symphonic Concert 2002 with Tokyo City Pillharmonic Orchestra featuring VIOLET UK: 2003/12/17.
More here

I hope I find some more time for updates soon...
bye Katrin

October, 5th 2003

There are new releases by Yoshiki:

cat# UICY-4125
release date 9.26.03
track #18 I'll Be Your Love /song by Nicole Produced by YOSHIKI
Vocalist:Nicole Scherzinger from VIOLET UK
Lyrics and music written by YOSHIKI
All instruments played by YOSHIKI

DAHLIA "I'll Be Your Love"
(~2005 nen kaisai "Ai Chikyu" koushiki image song) (CD single)
cat# COCA-50768
release date 10.29.03
Produced by YOSHIKI
Lyrics and music written by YOSHIKI
All instruments played by YOSHIKI
tracks: 1. I'll Be Your Love
2. I'll Be Your Love (instrumental version)

cat # UPBH9131
release date 11.1.03
(contains "Dahlia The Video" parts 1 & 2)
1. Amethyst
2. Dahlia
3. Scars
4. Forever Love
5. Longing, The Poem
6. Week End
7. Tears
8. Opening
9. White Poem I
10. Crucify My Love
11. Wriggle

12. Drain
13. Forever Love (~Acoustic Recording Sessions)

cat# UPBH9130
release date 11.1.03
1. Amethyst
2. Rusty Nail
3. Scars
4. Week End
5. Forever Love
6. Crucify My Love
7. Dahlia
8. White Poem I
9. Drain
10. Kurenai
11. Tears
12. Forever Love: (From The Last Live: Line Cut)

August, 14th 2003

You can find some pictures of Yoshiki at the premiere of the film Pirates of the Caribbian on this site.

August, 9th 2003

Konnichiwa minna-san,
a small update today ^_^ There is a new translation of the song Rusty Nail (thanks to Tsuzuki).

Then I found a new link for piano scores, visit Seikas Anime & Manga page... you find them under X Japan, in the links section are also some other new links...

Last week I got the X Japan Sega Saturn game ^_^. It's rather rare and you see it about once a year at It's very cool. As a game it is rather boring, but for an X Japan fan it's great. You are a photographer who gets the order to take pictures at the Tokyo dome Show 1994. So your are running around in the tokyo dome and have to find differnt things and you have to take pictures. You see the dressing roomes of the band members and you see the members on stage. Everything is filmed so you really get an impression how it is there. The game is in Japanese but there are also some "gaijin" persons who talk in English and you can play it even if you can't understand Japanese.

Well, that's all for now...
bye Katrin

July, 28th 2003

Hello everybody!
well, here is the long promised update.... unfortunately it's smaller than I wished it to be due to the lack of time... somehow in the last months there is so much to do and never enough time...

It seems there is a new release on DVD, one a lot of people have asked for.... Art of live - live on DVD recorded live at the Tokyo Dome show in 1993. It comes in September and is coincided with the Fim Gigs 03 release. More at

Then there is the rumour that the Violet UK DVD is out in late August, but no official date yet. Another rumour is that Yoshikis tone engineer has deleted the data for the DVD and that this is the reason why it is late... Yoshiki is said to be angry because of a canceled Globe concert (because of SARS and the war) and is now working on new Globe songs...

Thanks again for all the mail I get... and I'm really happy that so many people participate to this site with their emails and in the forum ^_^

On sunday someone wrote me about a school project... I accidently deleted your email, so if you read this, please write again...

There are new lyrics (Joker and a translation of Easy Fight Rambling by Sparxster and Cougar... Thanks again)...
That's the update for the moment... bye Katrin

June, 3rd 2003

Well, this is just to let you know, that I'm on a holiday trip for a week. I'll take my laptop with me, but I will have no internet access... but I hope to be able do some updates and will upload them when I'm back....
bye Katrin

May, 19th 2003

Chris just told me that it seems VIOLET UK's symphonic video has been delayed to an unknown date because no VIOLET UK music is allowed to come out yet. But it seems there is a new comercial out which uses VIOLET UK music.

Well, maybe you sometimes wondered what VIOLET UK exactly is. Here is what the Violet UK preview video says (Yoshiki was interviewed in Korea, were the Film Gig was held), but remember this was in 2002, so it's not really *new*...:
Welcome to Korea. How do you feel?
y. Very good.
y. A little surprised a the airport.
*video of screaming fans*
February 22, 2002 Incheon International Airport, Seoul, Korea
Yoshiki visited Korea for X Japan's Film Gig in Seoul... and also to promote his new project... for the first time. Yoshiki is presently preparing for the debut of his new project. Yoshiki has been working on this project for 8 years. He is about to reveal it.
7-Eleven asked Yoshiki to produce a series of TV commercials, incorporating VIOLET UK into their corporate image for the new millenium.
VIOLET UK is a multimedia endeavour.At the core of the VIOLET UK uk project is the music. VIOLET UK music blends digital drum loops, a touch of classical piano and strings and noise guitar. Female vocalists finsh off this radical new sound.
VIOLET UK is a unique project.
It emphasizes the importance of visuals
Juxtaposing a fashion show with a rock concert.
VIOLET UK will reflect Yoshikis distinctive style.
Yoshiki: "I have decided that this year I am going to com back to the stage with my new project called "VIOLET UK". I started being a classical pianist. When I was 4 I started playing the piano. When I started playing the drums I started listening to rock and hardrock then punk rock. I also play jazz piano dance music, trip hop, trance music...
I am trying to combine all thos genres into VIOLET UK. I would like to create something beautiful to touch people's hearts.
A lot of times when I was depressed, music helped me. So I would like to create music that's going to help people and fans."
February 23, 2002, Seoul,88 Gymnasium, Seoul Korea (*that's were the Film gig was*)
Yoshiki: "Thank you very much for being so supportive.
Right now, I am living in Los Angeles, recording my new project "Violet UK". So this year, I am going to come back to the stage.
I love you."
Violet UK coming soon.

May, 11th 2003

I've uploaded some pictures to Katrin's corner, some flowers, animals and others... and also a lot of pictures from various Gotthard shows.

Also I uploaded the rest of the fanfic "Brief encounters" by Nadia.

If you send fanart and pictures, thank you very much for that, I will upload them as soon as I find the time...
bye Katrin

May, 6th 2003

There's a regular edition of the Violet Uk Concert DVD. More at
thanks to Fabien

There are also some new hide pictures. I will also upload some more fanart soon, thanks to everybody who wrote me ^_^
bye Katrin

April, 21st 2003

Some new fanart and I finally started to update the members section... ^_^

April, 20th 2003

This is really off topic since it is not X Japan related, not even jrock, but.... well, yesterday I was on a concert of the Swiss Rock band Gotthard and it was just fantastic... I really love them and their concerts... they are always giving everything and the have some much fun playing and it's always like one big party ^_^ ... ah, I want more... one show just isn't enough, but unfortunatly I can't go to any of the others... -_-
So if you like rock music with an incredible singer, just check them out
I've also took some pictures, I will upload them here, when they are good.. I hope I could catch some of the feeling in the show ^_^

April, 12th 2003

Wow, the fanart section is only a few day online and I've already got some wonderful pictures and stories... ^_^ just look under fanart... it feels really good to get such a response...
There are also some new shops at the where to buy section...

I also started a section called Katrin's Corner... I will upload there other things that interest me, at the moment there are mostly photographs from my holidays.

Here is some info on the new Globe album and the DVD of Yoshikis concert...

Yoshiki Symphonic Concert 2002 with Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra featuring VIOLET U.K [Initial Press Only Limited Edition] (DVD)
* Catalog No.: COBA-50733
* Media: DVD
* Number of discs (or other units): 1
* Release Date: 2003/05/28
* Price: 6500 Yen (US$ 53.81)
It was over five years ago when Yoshiki announced his plans for the grand-scaled Violet UK project for the first time. Nearly four years after X Japan's breakup, it materialized in the form of a classical style concert featuring his performance wth a full orchestra. This DVD contains the show recorded on December 3 & 4, 2002 at Tokyo International Forum. It contains classic X Japan tunes, Violet UK's (his new unit) previously unpublished songs, "Anniversary," and more. This limited edition (20,000 copies only) comes housed in a deluxe serial-numbered packaging.

from showtime (thanks to Fabien)

GLOBE: Get It On Now Feat.Keiko (single)
* Catalog No.: AVCG-71033
* Media: CDA
* Number of discs (or other units): 1
* Release Date: 2003/03/26
* Price: 1000 Yen (US$ 8.28)
* Here's the first single off the first album from the newly incarnated globe with Yoshiki (formerly with X Japan). From dance tracks using the latest in state-of-the-art equipment to ballads using a full orchestra, Tetsuya Komuro and Yoshiki are showcasing their combined talent as composers/producers.
* 1. Get It On Now (feat. Keiko)
* 2. Out Of C Contriol (single version)
* 3. Get It On Now (feat. Keiko) (instr.)
* 4. Out Of C Control (instrumental)

GLOBE : Level 4(album)
* Catalog No.: AVCG-70014
* Media: CDA
* Number of discs (or other units): 1
* Release Date: 2003/03/26
* Price: 2913 Yen (US$ 24.11)
With Yoshiki (formerly of X Japan) joining the band, and signalling a new departure, globe has come up with an album with brand new sounds. Using state-of-the-art equipment, they have tailored some excellent dance tracks as well as large-scaled ballads
1. Out Of C Control (album mix)
2. Get It On Now (feat. Keiko)
3. Weather Report
4. The Box
5. This Is The Last Night
6. Inside (feat. Marc)
7. Seize The Light (album mix)
8. Blow
9. Compass (album mix)

April, 5th 2003

There was no update for a long time, I'm very sorry for that. I had a lot of private problems the last months and I had to write my diploma thesis. At the moment I try to organise my live since I finished my studies now. At the moment I have a temporary job which forces me to drive 2 hours each morning to get there, which leaves not much time beside work. But I will to make more updates again.
Also I want to say thank you to all the people who send me information, pictures, addresses and other stuff or mail me with comments and questions. I'm always happy about emails and try to answer, but sometimes it can take some time, sorry. Thank you very much for your support.
There are some new lyrics, very few new pictures and a new interview. Also there are some new addresses in the where to buy section and a downloadsection ^_^.
I got some requests for a fan fic or fan art section. There is one now and it's your turn to fill it ^_^ Send your stories, pictures or whatever to me!
Please send stories either in English (prefered) or in German. I won't upload stuff which is offensive in any way.

You can pre order the dvd of the yoshiki/violet uk concert CDJapan
thanks to kiruna

Globe's new album with Yoshiki as new member will be released on Marchm 26th 2003. More on CDJapan
Thanks to Fabien

January, 31th 2003

Long time since the last update, but I had a lot to do... but last week was the end date for my master thesis and now I have some free time again ^_^
Here are some news:

The February issue of Fools Mate has an article about Yoshiki.

On 23 January,2003, Yoshiki's book was published by KTC center publications. The title is "YOSHIKI: Watashi wa akiramenai", which translates to "Yoshiki: I don't give up"

On 1 February,2003, Yoshiki is perform in a NHK TV special program. He is co-star with a Korean musician.
Thanks to Aya

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