Toshimitsu Deyama
Birthday: 10.10.1965
Birthplace: Tateyama, Chiba

Toshi was the vocalist of X Japan. He used to wear black leather clothes and had a 30 cm high hair style. In about 1995 or 1996 he cut his hair and now he has short undyed hair. He now wears rather conservative clothes.

He is the youngest of 3 brothers and he said that as a child he was fat. His mother is a piano teacher and is, like Yoshikis mother, a small person.
He and Yoshiki have been friends since their kindergarden time. Toshi was a baseball fan, especially a Giants fan. He always liked to sing, but never took part in competitons, he only sang at home or at school excursions. To accompany himself he learned to play the guitar and the piano. He also played in the school orchestra.

In 1982 Yoshiki and Toshi founded a Copyband and then he realised that singing was what he could do best. Yoshiki told all band members to sing to find out who is the best and noone could beat Toshi, who wanted to be the guitar player. Toshis voice goes over about 3 octaves and so he can even sing song that are originally written for a womans voice.

At one concert he tells a story of a fan who drew a picture of him. The fan died 19 year old because of Aids. Toshi met the parents and friends and was very moved. After telling this he sung the song Tears. He had the picture called Passion printed on a T-Shirt and wears it often at concerts. It's also said that his solo song Passion of love is inspired by this pictures. Like all other members of X he is very dedicated to the Aids help.

He marries the actress Kaori ? at February, 17th in 1997. He seems to be very happy, his solo album Aoi hoshi no tabibito (produced with Norihiro Tsuru) sounds beautiful and full of harmony and love. He met Kaori 1004 when he took part in the rock opera Hamlet. Toshi was Hamelt and she was Ophelia. Later Toshi found his appearence a little bit ridiculos and embarrissing.

Toshi likes to play Volleyball. He is the quietest member of the band, but he has a very powerful voice. He is friendly, honest and nature and environmental issues are important to him. He sometimes even has his lyrics translated into sign language so that numb people can understand.
Yoshiki says about Toshi that he always was an average person, a 'normal' person. So it sometimes was a weired contrast do have him dressed like a wild rocker, but talking like the nice boy from next door.